WM 5000 V4s

Guard Tour System with a Flash Light

The WM 5000v4s is the perfect guard tour system for Sri Lanka. It comes with a powerful battery that lasts for two weeks on a single charge, making it reliable for extended use. The built-in torch is handy for night patrols, and the colorful LED lights and vibration prompt help security guards perform their duties effectively in any condition.

What sets the WM 5000v4s apart is its custom-designed pogo pin USB communication, enabling a high-speed download of data from the device to a computer. This ensures quick and efficient information transfer, keeping security personnel up-to-date with ease.

Overall, the WM 5000v4s is a user-friendly and advanced solution for security monitoring in Sri Lanka, making it an ideal choice for guard tour systems.


Long Battery Life

LED Indicators


Large Storage




Strong Body

  • Gold plated contacts, magnetic connection, drive-free communication, solve the USB is often destroyed by human problems
  • Three-color LED with vibration prompts. Reading prompt, low power prompt, charging prompt
  • A charging for 2 hours, every day to read 500 tags, can use 1 month continuously

Reading Mode
RFID 125 KHz
Reading distance
3cm -5cm
Batter Life
Average 3 weeks from one charge
Data Storage
16Mbit flash, 60,000 pieces
Vibration with LED screen prompt