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WM 5000 V4s

High powerful guard tour patrol system with inbuilt flashlight

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WM 5000 X1

Fingerprint enabled latest security guard tour system

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Guard Tour Patrol Systems



New RFID Guard Tour System with flashlight, magnetic cable is more durable and easier with magnetic connector to transfer data. With a single press, night won’t be dark. Colorful LED prompt makes patrolling very easy.


X-Guard comes with fingerprint and voice prompt which is the milestone of guard tour system. X-Guard avoids “buddy punching” trick with the fingerprint authentication and you never need to worry about tricking patrol.

WM-5000 P4D

The WM 5000 P4d is an advanced online guard tour system featuring 4G connectivity for real-time data transfer. This enables seamless monitoring of security guards in real-time through the accompanying software, ensuring efficient and effective security management.

WM-5000 ZG

The WM 5000 ZG, featuring 4G connectivity and fingerprint verification, offers real-time monitoring capabilities to prevent guard misconduct, ensuring a secure and reliable security management system.