WM 5000 X1

Guard Tour System with Fingerprint Scanner

The JWM X-1 / X Guard guard tour system stands out as a significant milestone in the guard tour system industry. Its distinguishing feature is the powerful fingerprint scanner, providing an extra layer of security. The X-Guard is equipped with a voice prompt system, offering a more direct and intuitive experience compared to LED and vibration prompts. This not only enhances communication but also helps prevent misuse of the system, thanks to the added security of fingerprint authentication.

Built for durability, the RFID patrol system is crafted with a robust combination of aluminum alloy and ABS plastic, reinforced with a rubber bladder and a water-resistant lining. This construction ensures the system’s resilience in various conditions, making it a reliable choice for security applications. Additionally, the X1 guard monitoring system is equipped with a high-powered torch, adding practical functionality for nighttime operations.

In summary, the JWM X-1 / X Guard guard tour system sets a new standard in the industry, combining advanced features like fingerprint authentication, voice prompts, and durable construction to provide a comprehensive and secure solution for guard monitoring.


Voice Prompt

LED Indicators






Strong Body

  • Intelligent voice prompt, task prompt, more humane, more professional, more efficient
  • Fingerprint authentication, let patrolling irreplaceable, scientific management of your staff
  • Multi-layer protection. Solid and durable
  • Built-in 2000mAh lithium battery, charging once, reading 500 times a day, usable for more than 30 days
  • High LED lighting, effective irradiation distance of 6 meters, night patrol more convenient
Reading Mode
RFID 125 KHz
Reading distance
3cm -5cm
Batter Life
Average 3 weeks from one charge
Data Storage
16Mbit flash, 60,000 pieces
Vibration with LED digital screen prompt
Fingerprint scanner