WM 5000 ZG

Realtime Guard Tour System with Fingerprint

WM 5000 ZG GPS 4G Real-time Guard Tour System with Fingerprint integration offers a robust solution for comprehensive employee patrol management. Its advanced features ensure utmost security and reliability, incorporating fingerprint identification to prevent any potential guard malpractices. This system enables real-time tracking of employee patrol routes via GPS, facilitating live monitoring and playback functionalities for accurate supervision. Additionally, it supports seamless data uploads online, enhancing accessibility and data management.

The inclusion of a voice call function with the capacity to store five fixed contact numbers further amplifies communication efficiency. Engineered for durability, with an IP67 dustproof and waterproof rating, this system guarantees resilience in varied environments. Its vibration and LED flash prompts signify operational status, ensuring prompt notifications. With an extended battery life and low power consumption, this solution stands as an efficient and dependable tool for managing and tracking employees while maintaining operational integrity.


Voice Call


SIM Card

Call Records

Task Prompt

Realtime Data Transfer


Automated Data Backup